Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Schedule January 24-27

Tuesday, January 24

Welcome to the New Semester! Today, we will talk about Absolutism.  Here is the Notsheet.

Wednesday, January 25

Today, you will have class time to complete the the Checklist on Early Modern Era Empires. It is due on Friday.

Thursday, January 26

Lecture: Gunpowder Empires. There is a sheet that goes with it.

Friday, January 27

Gunpowder Empires Chart

Next week we will be starting to work on our first essay: Compare and Contrast. While we are doing this in class, you will be finishing up the content for the unit on your own. We will have a test next Friday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Schedule September 6 - 9

Tuesday, September 6

1. Finish Lecture: River Valley Civilizations
2. A Fun Surprise!

Here is the Unit 1 overview with the terms you will need.  Also, here is a study guide for the information in the unit.  Also, use your Princeton Review packet and notesheets from class.

Wednesday, September 7

Test: Foundations Unit

Thursday, September 8

Discuss Test, complete written assessment

Friday, September 9

Princeton Review, Unit 2.  You will have the class time to work on the Princeton Review. It will be due next Wednesday when we have our Princeton Review Quiz (September 14)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Schedule August 29 - September 2

Monday, August 29

Today, Foundations Checklist #1 is due by 11 am!

1. Finish Paleolithic and Neolithic lecture
2. Class Activity: Name that early society!

Homework: Foundations Checklist #2 is due on Wednesday

Tuesday, August 30

Writing and evidence practice: Early civilizations

Wednesday, August 31

Today, Foundations Checklist #2 is due by 11:00 am!

Lecture: River Valley Civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egypt

HW: Foundations Checklist #3 is due on Friday

Thursday, September 1

Lecture, River Valley Civilizations: Indus River and China

Friday, September 2

Today, Foundations Checklist #3 is due by 11 am!

Today, we are going to be doing a Foundations Document Packet. It will be due on Monday.

You will be having your Foundations Test on Tuesday of next week!