Monday, December 15, 2014

Schedule December 15-19

Monday, December 15

Lecture: Ming China.  Here is the powerpoint sheet.

This week, you will need to

1.  Take the Schoology Quiz for Chapter 13
2.  Read Ch. 13 and take notes.

Tuesday, December 16

Document Analysis: Zheng He.  You will be reading documents relating to the explorer and analyzing them.  The packet will be due on Friday.

Wednesday, December 17

Continue document analysis. Due Friday.

Thursday, December 18

Reading Quiz: Chapter 13

Start reading Chapter 14.  The quiz over Chapter 14 will be on Friday, January 9

Friday, December 19

Go over the 10 most missed on Unit 3 exam.  Announce the Greek Game Winners!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review Material for Unit 3 Test

Your Unit 3 Test is on Tuesday. As you get ready for the Unit 3 test, use the following review materials to prepare.

1. Read the Princeton Review. The Chapter you want to read is "Really Old Stuff: Around 600 C.E. to Around 1450"
2. This Post-Classical Review
3. Remember the mid-point review powerpoint.  Here's the one with the Mongols and MesoAmerica included.
2. What the videos in the John Green Crash Course World History videos for Unit 3.
3. Go over the Unit 3 Overview.  Make sure you know the terms and can answer the essential questions.
4. Join the Chat on Monday night, starting at 8:30
5.  Review your notes from the text and any powerpoint lectures that you may have. Link the details to the essential questions
6. Finally, get a good night's sleep. :)