Friday, August 21, 2015

Unit 1 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks. We are covering the Foundations Unit and will go through it rather quickly.  Here are some important dates:

Reading Quiz: Thursday, September 3
John Green Quizzes due by Saturday, September 5 (11:59 pm)
Unit 1 Test: Tuesday, September 8

Here is the daily schedule:

Wednesday, August 26

1. Intro to the class. Seating Chart.
2. How to take notes.
3. Student information sheet

If you haven't started yet, you will need to start reading the Princeton Review Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 in Ways of the World.  I have made available annotated copies so you can see how to annotate a reading and identify important information.  In addition, you will need to complete the Unit 1: Foundations Vocabulary and Activities.  Although the sheet may not always be collected, it will be the basis for the online quizzes that are due by September 5.

Thursday, August 27

Lecture: Art, History and Pop Culture

Friday, August 28

1. Read, At Home: A Short history of Private Life. Create a Top 10 list based on the reading.
2. Lecture: Intro to the Neolithic Revolution

Monday, August 31

Today, we will be meeting down in the theater for a forum on the Origins of Art.  here is a preview of that forum.

Tuesday, September 1

Lecture: Intro to River valley Civilizations

Wednesday, September 2

River Valley Civilizations.  In groups, you will be examining a single river valley civilization and sharing with the class the important facts about that civilization. For this activity, you will be using the AP World History + Art website.

Thursday, September 3

Reading Quiz.  This quiz will be about 30 questions or so, multiple choice.  If you took notes on the readings, you may use them on the quiz. However, they must be original, handwritten notes. Nothing on the iPad will be allowed.

Friday, September 4

Finish River Valley Civilizations presentations from Wednesday. Discuss Foundation Big Picture Ideas.

Tomorrow night, your John Green quizzes will be due. No excuses. They need to be completed by 11:59 pm.

Tuesday, September 5

Test: Unit 1 Foundations

Organizing the Year

As we come close to the first day of class, here are some things you need to have.

1. Course Overview
2. Units 1 & 2 Syllabus
3. Princeton Review, Chapter 1 (annotated)
4. Ways of the World, Chapter 3 (annotated)
5. Unit 1: Foundations Vocabulary and Activities

You will be having a quiz over the Princeton Review and the Ways of the World, Chapter 3 on Thursday, September 3.  You can take notes on a separate sheet of paper (or, better yet, in a binder) and you can use it on the quiz.

The online quizzes for the Foundations packet, including the quizzes for the John Green Crash Course videos, will be due by Saturday, September 5.

You Unit 1 test will be on Tuesday, September 8th!

Welcome to the new school year!

Hi class.  This is the official site for Mr. Janu's AP World History class.  here you will find a schedule, links to the book and all documents that you need for class.  This site is also embedded into the class Schoology page as well.  On Schoology, you will be taking online quizzes.

We are going to hit the ground running.  Our first test will be on Tuesday, September 8!  Plus, we will have a major reading quiz and schoology quizzes before that time.