Monday, April 27, 2015

Schedule April 27-May 1

Monday, April 27

Lecture:  The Cold War--The Nuclear Age

Tuesday, April 28

Quiz:  Princeton Review/AP Crash Course Book

Start reading the Princeton Review, Chapter 10 (Sections D tot he end of the chapter) plus Chapters 17 and 19 in APWH Crash Course Book.  This needs to be read by next Monday, the date of your first FINAL EXAM

Wednesday, April 29

Lecture: Decolonization:  India

Thursday, April 30

Lecture: Decolonization: Africa

Friday, May 1

Introduction to the CCOT

First Final Exam on MONDAY!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing the APWH African Imperialism DBQ

Hi everyone.  here is a short video to help you with your rewrites for the African Imperialism DBQ. Enjoy.  If you have any questions, please come and see me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Class for Wednesday

Hey everybody.  I am not in school today.  But here is what you are going to do:

1.  You are going to read this article on the situation of the world between the wars.  Then, you are going to take that information from the article (events, people and important facts) and write them in the proper location on the map that you will be given in class.  It's a double map so that you have more room to write.  Place events in order--chronology is always important.  ;)

2.  If you have time remaining, you can work on the John Green videos.  Or, read the Princeton Review or the Crash Course AP World History book.

3.  We didn't quite finish talking about Japan in class.  The powerpoint is below so you can get the information for your notesheet.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Schedule April 20 - 24

For this week, you will need to complete the next series of John Green videos, 1450-1750 by next Sunday night, April 26.

Plus, you will have a quiz over the Princeton Review (Chapter 10 Sections A-C) and the AP Crash Course World History book (p. 207-236). This quiz will be done on the iPad and there will not be quiz corrections.

Monday, April 20

Lecture: The Russian Revolution.  Here is the notesheet.

Tuesday, April 21

Lecture:  The Rise of Fascism.  Here is the notesheet.

Wednesday, April 22

Today, you will be reading a short article about the world between the two world wars.  After reading the article, you will need to annotate a map with the information.

Thursday, April 23

Mapping World War II and the Cold War. Using your iPad and QR Codes, you will annotate maps with information regarding WWII and the Cold War

Friday, April 24

Quiz: Princeton Review and Crash Course text.  This will be done on the iPad.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Here are all of the things needed for tomorrow's DBQ in class.  Make sure you have read the documents and understand the question.  You will be writing the essay in class.

DBQ: Imperialism
Imperialism Document Analysis Packet

Schedule April 13 - 17

This week, you need to do a couple of things: 

The next set of John Green quizzes are due SUNDAY night (4/19) by 11:59 pm covering the Post-Classical Age (600CE-1450).  There are 6 quizzes in this set.

Read the Princeton Review, pages 306-334.  You will also need to read 207-236 in the Crash Course AP World History book. There will be a quiz over these readings next FRIDAY, April 24. If you take notes, you will be able to use those notes on the quiz.

Monday, April 13

Test Group Retakes

Tuesday, April 14

DBQ--Imperialism.  As you get ready to write your DBQ in class, be sure to bring your packet. Here is a copy of the rubric that you will be getting tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15

Lecture:  World War I--Causes

Thursday, April 16

Lecture: World War I--Effects

Friday, April 17

Lecture: Russian Revolution--That Crazy Rasputin

Monday, April 6, 2015

Schedule April 7 -10

As we start this new week, remember that the second set of John Green quizzes are due next SUNDAY night (4/12) by 11:59 pm covering the Classical Age (600 BCE-600CE).  There are 8 quizzes in this set.

Tuesday, April 7

Review for Unit 5 Test. You will be working on the Review Guide

Wednesday, April 8

Forum: Meet in the Theater.  The forum covers the period of art known as Romanticism

Tonight, I will be online at 8:30ish for a Review Session. Be there.

Thursday, April 9

Test:  Unit 5. The test is 52 questions.  You will need to finish it in the period.

Friday, April 10

Writing the DBQ. WooHoo.  You will need to bring your document packet and the analysis packet to class today.

Next week, we will be starting the last unit.  You will need to start reading the Princeton Review. Read pages 306-334.  You will also need to read 207-236 in the Crash Course AP World History book. There will be a quiz over these readings next FRIDAY.  If you take notes, you will be able to use those notes on the quiz.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Test: Unit 5 1750-1900

Your Unit 5 Test is next week.  Below you will find a study guide for the test.  You should be able to answer these questions.  You will have some time in class on Tuesday to work on this---and to also fill out a chart that you will be getting on Tuesday.

Unit 5 Study Guide: 1750-1900

You may also want to watch the John Green videos for this unit---that could help!