Monday, October 19, 2015

Schedule October 19 - 23

Monday, October 19

1. Greek Games Update
2. Lecture: Trans-Regional Trade Routes. There is a notesheet available for this lecture.  Click here.

Your Unit 2 Exam is on Thursday.  There is a study packet available. You do not have to do this study packet; it will not be collected. BUT, it would be a good idea.  Click here for the study packet.

Tuesday, October 20

Finish Trade Routes lecture.  Return Princeton Review packets. Discuss "specific definitions."

Wednesday, October 21

Take a "Second Look" quiz over Chapter 6 of Ways of the World

Thursday, October 22

Compare and Contrast Statements

Friday, October 23

Review for the Unit 2 test!

Test on Monday. I will be available online in the chatroom Sunday night starting at 8:30. be there!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Schedule October 13 -16

Tuesday, October 13

Lewis University Field Trip

Wednesday, October 14

1) Chapter 6 Ways of the World Quiz
2) Confucianism and Legalism Compare and Contrast Activity

Thursday, October 15

Lecture: Christianity

Friday, October 16

Quiz: Religions

This quiz will be based on the Religions Term Chart we completed last week, plus any lecture notes we took in class.

After the Quiz, you will work on Compare/Contrast statements regarding Christianity and Buddhism. You will need to go to the following website to get information:

Buddhism V. Christianity ( You will then fill out a compare/contrast statement chart--due on MONDAY!

**Next Thursday will be the Unit 2 test**

Monday, October 5, 2015

Schedule October 5 - 9


John Green Unit 2 Quizzes due TONIGHT!
Chapter 6 Ways of the World Reading Quiz

Monday, October 5

Lecture: Religions of the Subcontinent: Avatar and Hinduism, Part 1.  There is a sheet for this lecture.

Tuesday, October 6

Lecture: Religions of the Subcontinent: Buddhism, Part 2.  There is a sheet for this part of the lecture.

Wednesday, October 7

Lecture:  Growth of Empires: India and China

Thursday, October 8

Finish Lecture

Friday, October 9

Reading Quiz: Chapter 6 Ways of the World