Monday, March 30, 2015

Chapter 20 Announcement

Chapter 20 is all over the place.  To help you prepare for the quiz, I am making available my annotated copy of the chapter.  Click on the link below to open it up.

Ways of the World--Chapter 20---Annotated

Also, continue with the Crash Course quizzes.  Instead of getting 10s on all of the quizzes, you now need to get 9s.  Hope that helps.

Schedule March 30 - April 2

Monday, March 30

Welcome BACK!!!!!!!

Today, we will be continuing the lecture from before Spring Break.  Today, we will be looking at he imperialism in India and China.  Click here for the notesheet.

Tuesday, March 31

Imperialism in Africa.

Wednesday, April 1

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 20.  Tomorrow, your first set of John Green quizzes are due.  You need to have "Paleolithic to River Valleys" completed by 11:59 pm.

Thursday, April 2

1. Return and discuss essays
2. Analyze documents pertaining to a DBQ on "New Imperialism"

Your Unit Test is next WEDNESDAY.  On Tuesday, we will be doing a review activity.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

John Green Crash Course Quizzes

Starting now, we will be viewing John Green's Crash Course World History videos in preparation for the AP Test.  The videos are broken up by unit and there is a quiz for each video on Schoology. In order to move on to each video, you need to get all of the questions right on the quiz.  There are 40 videos and 40 quizzes in all.

As we get ready for the AP Exam, these videos may be the MOST important prep that you have.

Here is the schedule:

Paleolithic to River Valleys due by Thursday April 2 (4 videos/quizzes)
600 BCE - 600 CE due by April 10 (8 videos/quizzes)
600-1450 due by April 17 (6 videos/quizzes)
1450-1750 due by April 24 (8 videos/quizzes)
1750-1900 due by May 1 (9 videos/quizzes)
1900-Present due by May 8 (5 videos/quizzes)

AP World History Test--Thursday May 14

This entire review will be worth 60 points when complete---more than a reading quiz.  If you do not finish each unit by the due date, you will not get any points for that unit.  And you have to get each question right before moving on to the next quiz.  You can start the units any time you want. Don't fall behind.  As we come into the homestretch here, keeping ahead will be the most important thing you can do.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Schedule March 16 - 20

Monday, March 16

DBQ DAY!  You will be writing the body paragraphs of the India/Japan DBQ.  Make sure you have your documents categorized and your THESIS written before coming to class.  Or else! :)

Click here for the DBQ Rubric.

Tuesday, March 17

Lecture:  An Introduction to Imperialism---The Invention of Race

Wednesday, March 18

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 19

You will need to read Chapter 20 over the next week and a half.  Your next NOTESHEET QUIZ will be on Wednesday, April 1.  Your UNIT TEST will be on Tuesday, April 7.

Thursday, March 19

Lecture:  Imperialism:  The Case of a War FOR Drugs

Friday, March 20

Introduction to the Crash Course Quizzes!  Over the next several weeks, you will need to watch John Green videos relating to the topics we covered last semester.  This is in preparation for the AP Test that is now a mere 8 weeks away.

Today, we will be watching his video on the Agricultural Revolution and taking the quiz in class. If you are not here, you will need to do this on your own.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Schedule March 9 - 13

Monday, March 9

Essay Quiz:  Compare and Contrast

You should start reading Chapter 19.  Reading Quiz on Chapter 19 is next Wednesday, March 18.

Tuesday, March 10

Lecture:  The Industrial Revolution, Part 1.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, March 11

Finish lecture on the Industrial Revolution.  Discuss DBQ packet and how to approach documents.

Thursday, March 12

Complete DBQ packet.  Analyze each document in DBQ analysis packet 1.

Friday, March 13

DBQ writing.  Fill out chart and write a thesis in DBQ analysis packet 2

Monday, March 2, 2015

Schedule March 2 - 6

Monday, March 2

Today, we are going to start preparations for another in-class COMP essay.  Today, in groups, you will be examining the prompt about revolutions and then categorizing the evidence by revolution and then identifying the evidence.

When you are done with each task, you will need to go into Schoology to complete the task.  You must score at least an 80% before you can move on.

Tuesday, March 3

Testing Day.  No Class.

Wednesday, March 4

You will be continuing the COMP preparation.  Today you will be looking at thesis and historical comparison statements.  Like on Monday, you will need to complete the charts and then the Schoology quizzes.

Thursday, March 5

You will write your essay today.  You will not be able use any materials.  You will be writing everything from memory.

Friday, March 6

Reading Quiz Chapter 18

You need to start reading Chapter 19.  Quiz next FRIDAY.

Plus, next week...wait for it.....DBQ TIME!!!!!