Thursday, December 3, 2015

Post Classical Trade Activity

While completing this activity, you will also need to complete a set of quizzes in Schoology about Trade in the Post-Classical Age. The quizzes will be due next Wednesday, by 11:59 pm. If you do everything below, this should be rather easy. But don't wait until the last minute. There are 9 quizzes altogether!

For this activity, you are going to need to research the major trade routes of the Post-Classical Age.  Below, for each of the regions, you will find links to help you put together a picture of the routes. Also, use Chapter 8 in your text. Click here for a copy of the activity.

A great overview of AP Trade Routes in the Post-Classical Age can be found here: AP Worldipedia

Silk Roads

A Brief History of the Silk Roads
Travel China: The Silk Roads

Maps of the Silk Roads:

Silk Road and Related Trade Routes
Silk Road Map
Map of the Main Silk Road

Indian Ocean Trade

Indian Ocean Trade: Overview, 300-1450 C.E.
John Green's Crash Course World History: Indian Ocean Trade

Maps for Indian Ocean Trade

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center:  Click on "maps" and "medieval" to get an interactive map of indian ocean trade. Note: This is a flash site and you need to use the Puffin browser to view on the iPad.
Trade Routes of the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean Trade Routes

Trans-Saharan Trade

Trading Gold for Salt
Trade Routes Across the Sahara
The Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade
Trading Kingdoms of West Africa

Maps for Trans-Saharan Trade

Map of Trans-Saharan Trade
Timbuktu: Center of Trade

Mediterranean Trade

Mediterranean Trade Routes

MesoAmerican Trade Routes

Trading Patterns, Ancient America

Monday, November 30, 2015

Schedule November 30 - December 4

Monday, November 30

Lecture: Post-Classical China. There is a sheet for this lecture.

Tuesday, December 1

Finish lecture.  Discuss Chapter 8 in Ways of the World

Wednesday, December 2

SPRITE Chart-Palooza:  Byzantine, Islam, Africa, Meso-America and China!

Thursday, December 3

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 8 Ways of the World

Friday, December 4

Trade Routes of the Post Classical Age. We will be filling out trade routes on maps and identifying

Monday, November 16, 2015

Schedule November 16 - 20

Monday, November 16

Princeton Review Check for Understanding!

Start watching John Green.  The six videos and quizzes will be due by Sunday, November 22 by 11:59 pm.

Tuesday, November 17

Lecture: The Empires of Africa. There is a notesheet that goes with this lecture.  Click here.

Wednesday, November 18

Finish lecture on Empires of Africa.

Thursday, November 19

Lecture:  Empires in MesoAmerica. There is a notesheet that goes with this lecture.

Friday, November 20

Putting it all together:  Comparison of Africa and MesoAmerica activity

Monday, November 23

Lecture:  The Empires of China. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

You need to start reading Chapter 8 in Ways of the World. This chapter covers trade routes. Your quiz over this chapter will be next Wednesday December 2.

Tuesday, November 24

Finish lecture on Empires of China.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Schedule November 9 - 13

Monday, November 9

Lecture: Feudalism in Europe. There is a notesheet for this lecture. Click here.

Tuesday, November 10

Feudalism in Japan Activity. Click here for a copy of this activity.

Wednesday, November 11

Lecture: The Crusades and the Collection of Relics. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Thursday, November 12

Lecture: African Empires. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Friday, November 13

1. Princeton Review: Check for Understanding
2. Finish African Empires lecture

Start watching Unit 3 John Green Videos! They will be due next Friday!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Schedule November 3 - 6

Tuesday, November 3

Lecture: Intro to Islam. There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, November 4

Lecture: The Spread of Islam.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Thursday, November 5

Princeton Review Day. You must have your Princeton Review today. We will begin work on the guide. You will be able to work in class.

Friday, November 6

Lecture:  The Byzantine Empire.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Schedule October 19 - 23

Monday, October 19

1. Greek Games Update
2. Lecture: Trans-Regional Trade Routes. There is a notesheet available for this lecture.  Click here.

Your Unit 2 Exam is on Thursday.  There is a study packet available. You do not have to do this study packet; it will not be collected. BUT, it would be a good idea.  Click here for the study packet.

Tuesday, October 20

Finish Trade Routes lecture.  Return Princeton Review packets. Discuss "specific definitions."

Wednesday, October 21

Take a "Second Look" quiz over Chapter 6 of Ways of the World

Thursday, October 22

Compare and Contrast Statements

Friday, October 23

Review for the Unit 2 test!

Test on Monday. I will be available online in the chatroom Sunday night starting at 8:30. be there!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Schedule October 13 -16

Tuesday, October 13

Lewis University Field Trip

Wednesday, October 14

1) Chapter 6 Ways of the World Quiz
2) Confucianism and Legalism Compare and Contrast Activity

Thursday, October 15

Lecture: Christianity

Friday, October 16

Quiz: Religions

This quiz will be based on the Religions Term Chart we completed last week, plus any lecture notes we took in class.

After the Quiz, you will work on Compare/Contrast statements regarding Christianity and Buddhism. You will need to go to the following website to get information:

Buddhism V. Christianity ( You will then fill out a compare/contrast statement chart--due on MONDAY!

**Next Thursday will be the Unit 2 test**

Monday, October 5, 2015

Schedule October 5 - 9


John Green Unit 2 Quizzes due TONIGHT!
Chapter 6 Ways of the World Reading Quiz

Monday, October 5

Lecture: Religions of the Subcontinent: Avatar and Hinduism, Part 1.  There is a sheet for this lecture.

Tuesday, October 6

Lecture: Religions of the Subcontinent: Buddhism, Part 2.  There is a sheet for this part of the lecture.

Wednesday, October 7

Lecture:  Growth of Empires: India and China

Thursday, October 8

Finish Lecture

Friday, October 9

Reading Quiz: Chapter 6 Ways of the World

Monday, September 28, 2015

Schedule September 29 - October 3

****Important Dates Coming Up*****

Monday, October 6:  John Green Quizzes are due by 11:59 pm
Wednesday, October 8: Reading Quiz for Chapter 6

Monday, September 29

1. Greek Games Update
2. Lecture: Roman Republic

Tuesday, September 30

Lecture: Roman Empire

Wednesday, October 1

1. Greek Games Content Challenge!
2. Lecture: Classical India and China

Thursday, October 2

Finish Lecture on India and China

Friday, October 3

Bring Princeton Review to class. We are going to start looking at religions!

City-State Photos!

Here are the city-state photos for 2015-16!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where to learn about your city-states?

Tomorrow, is the city state challenge.  You will be asked 12 questions about your city-state. Here are some things you should know:

  • Where the city-state was located
  • Famous people from the city-state
  • Government
  • Modern version of the city
  • Gods and myths associated with the city-state
  • important events in the city-state

You can easily do a google search.  That's what I did to get the questions. Also, be sure to check out the Ancient History Encyclopedia. (hint, hint)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thursday's City-State Challenge

On Thursday, you will be taking a "City-State Challenge!" First, you will get into your city-states to answer questions about your city-states.  Athens and Sparta have the advantage here...but don't worry, the gods will provide.

Also, we will be taking City-State pictures.  Every city-state will have their picture taken in front of a green screen. You need to find an appropriate picture or photograph for the background for your city-state official photo!  The gods of Olympus will judge the best finished photograph, so find a great picture and make a great "official" city-state photograph! Be creative. Add text if you want!

We are taking the picture on Thursday. You need to email me the background by Friday.

May the best City-State win!

Here is an example:

Schedule September 21 - 25

The John Green quizzes are ready.  There are 8 videos in this unit---which means, there are 8 quizzes. They are due on Sunday October 4

Monday, September 21

Lecture: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World

Tuesday, September 22  MEET IN THE THEATER

Forum: Art of the Greco-Roman Worlds

Wednesday, September 23  NO SCHOOL

Thursday, September 23

1. City-State Challenge
2. Sprite Charts: Persia and Greece

Friday, September 24

1. Specific Definitions--What the $@%# are they?
2. Lecture: Rome: From Republic to Empire

Start reading Chapter 6 in Ways of the World.    Your quiz will be next Friday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Greek Games have Begun!

Dionysus opened up this year's Greek Games!

The goal is to win as many medals as you can. In the process, you may be forced to spin the "Myth Wheel" or the "Curse Wheel."


Ambrosia: Everyone in your city-state who is present, gets a gold medal.
Curses! make any city-state spin the curse wheel!
Furies of Vengeance: Make two city-states draw straws. The loser gives you a silver medal.
Apollo's Bow: Win 2 silver medals.
Dionysus Seal of Approval: Win a power card!
Hermes Speed Boost: In the next timed challenge, your city-state gets a 1 minute head start.
Harmonia's Blessing: Join forces on the next challenge with the city-state of your choice and win equally.
Nike's Wings: On the next challenge, get help from Dionysus.
Talos' Protection: Win a bronze.
The Plight of Persephone: Steal anyone away from their city-state for the next challenge.
Ostracision! Banish any city-state from the next challenge.
Hyperion's Cows: Win 2 gold medals.
Alchemist Blessing: All bronze medals turn to silver!
Audience with Zeus: Ask for anything and it will be granted (within reason)--but don't ask for too much for fear of making him angry!
Helmet of Invisibility: During next challenge, send spies out to the other city-states.


Siren's Curse: Please Dionysus with a song and dance number.
Artemis Curse: No one int he city-state can speak for 1 period or lose a bronze for each violation.
Curse of Hermes: Lose 1 of each medal.
Arachne's Curse: Every time you hear the word "spider" you must scream or lose a bronze each time.
Curse of Hades: Cannot win medals in the next challenge; but will be cursed again if you do not try your best.
Curse of Sisyphus: You need to stand the entire period.
Tribute: Pay tribute to your arch rival by giving them a gold medal.
Alchemist Curse: All of your silvers turn to bronze.
Curse of Eris: Discord strikes! Next challenge, members of your city-state have to work individually not as a group.
Curse of Lethe: For the next challenge, you will not receive instructions. You will leave the room and enter when everyone else has started. You need to figure it out on your own.
Arrow to your Achilles' Heel: Lose a silver medal.
Curse of Tartarus: Swap all of your medals with the city-state with the least points.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Schedule September 8 - 11

Tuesday, September 8

1. Give quiz scores. Discuss correction opportunities
2. River valley Civilization Packet.  For this activity, you will need your iPad. Download the River Valley Civilization.note .  You will need to open this in Notability and cut and drag the items into the correct locations

Wednesday, September 9

1. Quiz: AP Regions.  This will be done on paper and will count.
2. Finish the River Valley Civilization Notability packet

Thursday, September 10

1. Set up Study Chat
2. Complete group review chart for river valley civilizations. Click here to access the document.

Tonight, at 8:30, I will be online in the Chat room to help study for the exam.  I will be asking questions based on the test and you can ask me questions, too!  Be there or be square!

Friday, September 11

Unit 1 Foundations Test!

The next unit is the Classical Age.  You will need to read Chapter 7 in the Princeton Review, which starts on page 183.  On Friday, you will be given a study sheet for that part of the Princeton Review.

Also, next week, you will start reading Chapter 4 in Ways of the World.

Plus, you will have several weeks to complete the John Green Crash Course Quizzes for Unit 2.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Updated Schedule for August 31 - September 4

Monday, August 31

Meet down in the THEATER for the Origin of Art Forum.

Tuesday, September 1

1. Lecture:  From Paleolithic to Neolithic
2. Read, A Short History of the Private Life  Make a Top 10 list of Characteristics of the Neolithic Age

Wednesday, September 2

1. Lecture: Intro to River Civilizations
2. River Valley Civilizations.  In groups, you will be examining a single river valley civilization and sharing with the class the important facts about that civilization. For this activity, you will be using the AP World History + Art website.

Thursday, September 3

Continue examining River Valley Civilizations. You will be using Google Docs to record your information on a class-chart

Friday, September 4

Reading Quiz over the Princeton Review and Ways of the World, Chapter 3.  This quiz will be about 30 questions or so, multiple choice.  If you took notes on the readings, you may use them on the quiz. However, they must be original, handwritten notes. Nothing on the iPad will be allowed.

John Green Crash Course Quizzes are due by Monday night, 11:59 pm.  No excuses!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Unit 1 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks. We are covering the Foundations Unit and will go through it rather quickly.  Here are some important dates:

Reading Quiz: Thursday, September 3
John Green Quizzes due by Saturday, September 5 (11:59 pm)
Unit 1 Test: Tuesday, September 8

Here is the daily schedule:

Wednesday, August 26

1. Intro to the class. Seating Chart.
2. How to take notes.
3. Student information sheet

If you haven't started yet, you will need to start reading the Princeton Review Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 in Ways of the World.  I have made available annotated copies so you can see how to annotate a reading and identify important information.  In addition, you will need to complete the Unit 1: Foundations Vocabulary and Activities.  Although the sheet may not always be collected, it will be the basis for the online quizzes that are due by September 5.

Thursday, August 27

Lecture: Art, History and Pop Culture

Friday, August 28

1. Read, At Home: A Short history of Private Life. Create a Top 10 list based on the reading.
2. Lecture: Intro to the Neolithic Revolution

Monday, August 31

Today, we will be meeting down in the theater for a forum on the Origins of Art.  here is a preview of that forum.

Tuesday, September 1

Lecture: Intro to River valley Civilizations

Wednesday, September 2

River Valley Civilizations.  In groups, you will be examining a single river valley civilization and sharing with the class the important facts about that civilization. For this activity, you will be using the AP World History + Art website.

Thursday, September 3

Reading Quiz.  This quiz will be about 30 questions or so, multiple choice.  If you took notes on the readings, you may use them on the quiz. However, they must be original, handwritten notes. Nothing on the iPad will be allowed.

Friday, September 4

Finish River Valley Civilizations presentations from Wednesday. Discuss Foundation Big Picture Ideas.

Tomorrow night, your John Green quizzes will be due. No excuses. They need to be completed by 11:59 pm.

Tuesday, September 5

Test: Unit 1 Foundations

Organizing the Year

As we come close to the first day of class, here are some things you need to have.

1. Course Overview
2. Units 1 & 2 Syllabus
3. Princeton Review, Chapter 1 (annotated)
4. Ways of the World, Chapter 3 (annotated)
5. Unit 1: Foundations Vocabulary and Activities

You will be having a quiz over the Princeton Review and the Ways of the World, Chapter 3 on Thursday, September 3.  You can take notes on a separate sheet of paper (or, better yet, in a binder) and you can use it on the quiz.

The online quizzes for the Foundations packet, including the quizzes for the John Green Crash Course videos, will be due by Saturday, September 5.

You Unit 1 test will be on Tuesday, September 8th!

Welcome to the new school year!

Hi class.  This is the official site for Mr. Janu's AP World History class.  here you will find a schedule, links to the book and all documents that you need for class.  This site is also embedded into the class Schoology page as well.  On Schoology, you will be taking online quizzes.

We are going to hit the ground running.  Our first test will be on Tuesday, September 8!  Plus, we will have a major reading quiz and schoology quizzes before that time.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Final Exam Day

For the Final Exam period, we will be taking an assessment.  The information for this exam can be found on this sheet.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Optional Assignment

Hi everyone.  I hope the test went well.  We'll talk about it next week.

Below is an optional assignment.  If you would like to get some extra points, you can do this assignment.  It involves watching a history-related movie and writing an essay about its accuracies and inaccuracies.  Click on the link below to open up the assignment.

Remember, this assignment is optional.  If you choose to do it, it will be graded and you will get up to 25 points on it.  The final day you can turn it in is on the day of your final exam, June 3.

See you on Monday.  Don't forget to bring your iPad on Monday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

APWH 2014 Examples

Okay, only 1 more day to go!  WooHoo!  Click on the link below to open up the FREE RESPONSE packet from 2014.  We will go through the essays and develop a strategy to approach the essay portion of the test.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday May 6

Hi guys.  I am not in today.  Today, you will be working on CCOT preparation.  You will need to do this on your iPad.  You can work together.

1.  Open up the CCOT document, "CCOT Intro Chart Activity."
2.  There are two charts with two different CCOT prompts.  You can use any information you have to fill out the charts.  Remember, the CCOT is "Change and Continuity Over Time."  You need to identify three ways in which the subject of the prompt changed and remained the same over the time period specified.
3. Use this intro to the CCOT that we went over in class as a guide.

When you are done, you can work on the LAST John Green set of quizzes.  Those are due next Monday night.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Okay, your first final exam is on Monday!  Of course, the Princeton Review and the AP Crash Course book are great resources.  Here are some more:

The Ultimate APWH Flash Card set.  This is a set of over 1000 (Yes, that is the correct number) flashcards for APWH.

The Blitz: APWH in 3 Pages: A basic overview of the content in APWH.

APWH Eras Review (51 pages): This packet goes through each unit, outlining important terms and ideas.

APWH Theme Review (14 pages) This packet goes through some of the big "themes" in AP World History, including cities, Cities, religion, trade, society, empires, global economy, expansion, revolution and imperialism.  Good to go over to help with dbq categorization.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Schedule April 27-May 1

Monday, April 27

Lecture:  The Cold War--The Nuclear Age

Tuesday, April 28

Quiz:  Princeton Review/AP Crash Course Book

Start reading the Princeton Review, Chapter 10 (Sections D tot he end of the chapter) plus Chapters 17 and 19 in APWH Crash Course Book.  This needs to be read by next Monday, the date of your first FINAL EXAM

Wednesday, April 29

Lecture: Decolonization:  India

Thursday, April 30

Lecture: Decolonization: Africa

Friday, May 1

Introduction to the CCOT

First Final Exam on MONDAY!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing the APWH African Imperialism DBQ

Hi everyone.  here is a short video to help you with your rewrites for the African Imperialism DBQ. Enjoy.  If you have any questions, please come and see me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Class for Wednesday

Hey everybody.  I am not in school today.  But here is what you are going to do:

1.  You are going to read this article on the situation of the world between the wars.  Then, you are going to take that information from the article (events, people and important facts) and write them in the proper location on the map that you will be given in class.  It's a double map so that you have more room to write.  Place events in order--chronology is always important.  ;)

2.  If you have time remaining, you can work on the John Green videos.  Or, read the Princeton Review or the Crash Course AP World History book.

3.  We didn't quite finish talking about Japan in class.  The powerpoint is below so you can get the information for your notesheet.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Schedule April 20 - 24

For this week, you will need to complete the next series of John Green videos, 1450-1750 by next Sunday night, April 26.

Plus, you will have a quiz over the Princeton Review (Chapter 10 Sections A-C) and the AP Crash Course World History book (p. 207-236). This quiz will be done on the iPad and there will not be quiz corrections.

Monday, April 20

Lecture: The Russian Revolution.  Here is the notesheet.

Tuesday, April 21

Lecture:  The Rise of Fascism.  Here is the notesheet.

Wednesday, April 22

Today, you will be reading a short article about the world between the two world wars.  After reading the article, you will need to annotate a map with the information.

Thursday, April 23

Mapping World War II and the Cold War. Using your iPad and QR Codes, you will annotate maps with information regarding WWII and the Cold War

Friday, April 24

Quiz: Princeton Review and Crash Course text.  This will be done on the iPad.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Here are all of the things needed for tomorrow's DBQ in class.  Make sure you have read the documents and understand the question.  You will be writing the essay in class.

DBQ: Imperialism
Imperialism Document Analysis Packet

Schedule April 13 - 17

This week, you need to do a couple of things: 

The next set of John Green quizzes are due SUNDAY night (4/19) by 11:59 pm covering the Post-Classical Age (600CE-1450).  There are 6 quizzes in this set.

Read the Princeton Review, pages 306-334.  You will also need to read 207-236 in the Crash Course AP World History book. There will be a quiz over these readings next FRIDAY, April 24. If you take notes, you will be able to use those notes on the quiz.

Monday, April 13

Test Group Retakes

Tuesday, April 14

DBQ--Imperialism.  As you get ready to write your DBQ in class, be sure to bring your packet. Here is a copy of the rubric that you will be getting tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15

Lecture:  World War I--Causes

Thursday, April 16

Lecture: World War I--Effects

Friday, April 17

Lecture: Russian Revolution--That Crazy Rasputin

Monday, April 6, 2015

Schedule April 7 -10

As we start this new week, remember that the second set of John Green quizzes are due next SUNDAY night (4/12) by 11:59 pm covering the Classical Age (600 BCE-600CE).  There are 8 quizzes in this set.

Tuesday, April 7

Review for Unit 5 Test. You will be working on the Review Guide

Wednesday, April 8

Forum: Meet in the Theater.  The forum covers the period of art known as Romanticism

Tonight, I will be online at 8:30ish for a Review Session. Be there.

Thursday, April 9

Test:  Unit 5. The test is 52 questions.  You will need to finish it in the period.

Friday, April 10

Writing the DBQ. WooHoo.  You will need to bring your document packet and the analysis packet to class today.

Next week, we will be starting the last unit.  You will need to start reading the Princeton Review. Read pages 306-334.  You will also need to read 207-236 in the Crash Course AP World History book. There will be a quiz over these readings next FRIDAY.  If you take notes, you will be able to use those notes on the quiz.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Test: Unit 5 1750-1900

Your Unit 5 Test is next week.  Below you will find a study guide for the test.  You should be able to answer these questions.  You will have some time in class on Tuesday to work on this---and to also fill out a chart that you will be getting on Tuesday.

Unit 5 Study Guide: 1750-1900

You may also want to watch the John Green videos for this unit---that could help!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Chapter 20 Announcement

Chapter 20 is all over the place.  To help you prepare for the quiz, I am making available my annotated copy of the chapter.  Click on the link below to open it up.

Ways of the World--Chapter 20---Annotated

Also, continue with the Crash Course quizzes.  Instead of getting 10s on all of the quizzes, you now need to get 9s.  Hope that helps.

Schedule March 30 - April 2

Monday, March 30

Welcome BACK!!!!!!!

Today, we will be continuing the lecture from before Spring Break.  Today, we will be looking at he imperialism in India and China.  Click here for the notesheet.

Tuesday, March 31

Imperialism in Africa.

Wednesday, April 1

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 20.  Tomorrow, your first set of John Green quizzes are due.  You need to have "Paleolithic to River Valleys" completed by 11:59 pm.

Thursday, April 2

1. Return and discuss essays
2. Analyze documents pertaining to a DBQ on "New Imperialism"

Your Unit Test is next WEDNESDAY.  On Tuesday, we will be doing a review activity.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

John Green Crash Course Quizzes

Starting now, we will be viewing John Green's Crash Course World History videos in preparation for the AP Test.  The videos are broken up by unit and there is a quiz for each video on Schoology. In order to move on to each video, you need to get all of the questions right on the quiz.  There are 40 videos and 40 quizzes in all.

As we get ready for the AP Exam, these videos may be the MOST important prep that you have.

Here is the schedule:

Paleolithic to River Valleys due by Thursday April 2 (4 videos/quizzes)
600 BCE - 600 CE due by April 10 (8 videos/quizzes)
600-1450 due by April 17 (6 videos/quizzes)
1450-1750 due by April 24 (8 videos/quizzes)
1750-1900 due by May 1 (9 videos/quizzes)
1900-Present due by May 8 (5 videos/quizzes)

AP World History Test--Thursday May 14

This entire review will be worth 60 points when complete---more than a reading quiz.  If you do not finish each unit by the due date, you will not get any points for that unit.  And you have to get each question right before moving on to the next quiz.  You can start the units any time you want. Don't fall behind.  As we come into the homestretch here, keeping ahead will be the most important thing you can do.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Schedule March 16 - 20

Monday, March 16

DBQ DAY!  You will be writing the body paragraphs of the India/Japan DBQ.  Make sure you have your documents categorized and your THESIS written before coming to class.  Or else! :)

Click here for the DBQ Rubric.

Tuesday, March 17

Lecture:  An Introduction to Imperialism---The Invention of Race

Wednesday, March 18

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 19

You will need to read Chapter 20 over the next week and a half.  Your next NOTESHEET QUIZ will be on Wednesday, April 1.  Your UNIT TEST will be on Tuesday, April 7.

Thursday, March 19

Lecture:  Imperialism:  The Case of a War FOR Drugs

Friday, March 20

Introduction to the Crash Course Quizzes!  Over the next several weeks, you will need to watch John Green videos relating to the topics we covered last semester.  This is in preparation for the AP Test that is now a mere 8 weeks away.

Today, we will be watching his video on the Agricultural Revolution and taking the quiz in class. If you are not here, you will need to do this on your own.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Schedule March 9 - 13

Monday, March 9

Essay Quiz:  Compare and Contrast

You should start reading Chapter 19.  Reading Quiz on Chapter 19 is next Wednesday, March 18.

Tuesday, March 10

Lecture:  The Industrial Revolution, Part 1.  There is a notesheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, March 11

Finish lecture on the Industrial Revolution.  Discuss DBQ packet and how to approach documents.

Thursday, March 12

Complete DBQ packet.  Analyze each document in DBQ analysis packet 1.

Friday, March 13

DBQ writing.  Fill out chart and write a thesis in DBQ analysis packet 2

Monday, March 2, 2015

Schedule March 2 - 6

Monday, March 2

Today, we are going to start preparations for another in-class COMP essay.  Today, in groups, you will be examining the prompt about revolutions and then categorizing the evidence by revolution and then identifying the evidence.

When you are done with each task, you will need to go into Schoology to complete the task.  You must score at least an 80% before you can move on.

Tuesday, March 3

Testing Day.  No Class.

Wednesday, March 4

You will be continuing the COMP preparation.  Today you will be looking at thesis and historical comparison statements.  Like on Monday, you will need to complete the charts and then the Schoology quizzes.

Thursday, March 5

You will write your essay today.  You will not be able use any materials.  You will be writing everything from memory.

Friday, March 6

Reading Quiz Chapter 18

You need to start reading Chapter 19.  Quiz next FRIDAY.

Plus, next week...wait for it.....DBQ TIME!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Schedule February 23-27

Last week, we worked on a timeline activity.  This is important for not just this unit, but as we go forward.  Therefore, you will need to take this quiz on your own.  You can take it up to 7 times with the highest score being recorded.  This quiz will be due by March 20.

Monday, February 23

Lecture:  The Age of Enlightenment and Revolution.  Click here for the notesheet.

Tuesday, February 24

1.  Reading Quiz:  Chapter 17
2.  Lecture:  The French Revolution, beginnings.

You need to start reading Chapter 18.  That quiz will be next Wednesday, March 4.

Wednesday, February 25

Lecture:  The French Revolution

Thursday, February 26

ACT Benchmark Day!

Friday, February 27

Lecture:  Haitian and Latin American Revolutions.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Annotated Chapter 17

On Tuesday, you will have your reading quiz over Chapter 17 for Ways of the World.  This is a complex chapter.  When I get ready to write a quiz, I read the chapter thoroughly and annotate the important passages that relate to AP themes and the important historical details that you need to know.

This is something that you should do as you take notes.

To help you process the information in Chapter 17, I have provided for you the entire chapter with my annotations.  Read through this digital chapter as you prepared for the quiz on Tuesday. Hopefully, this will help you go through the other chapters as well.

APWH Ways of the World--Chapter 17 Annotated

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Schedule February 17 - 20

Tuesday, February 17

Re-take Unit 4 test with partners!

Start reading Chapter 17.  Also, you will need to read the OVERVIEW (p. 771-775).  You will have a separate quiz over this on Friday.  Your Chapter 17 quiz will be on Tuesday of next week.

Wednesday, February 18

Discuss the COMP essay with an example.

In addition to reading Chapter 17 in Ways of the World, you will need to read Chapter 15 in the A.P. World History Crash Course Book.  Before taking the Chapter 17 reading quiz on Tuesday, you will need to take TWO quizzes on Schoology based on the AP World History Crash Course. The first quiz will cover vocabulary.  The second quiz will cover content. You will not be able to go on to the second quiz, unless you get a C on the first quiz.  You can retake it up to 5 times. Anything not taken by Tuesday morning will count as a zero.

Thursday, February 19

Go over most missed on the Unit 4 Test.

Friday, February 20

Chronology Quiz.  Based on your reading of the overview and what you are doing with the chapters in both books, you will need to place 25 events in the order in which they occurred.

Continue reading Ways of the World and Ap World History Crash Course.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Schedule February 9 - 13

Monday, February 9

Collect COMP essay sentences!  Lecture:  The Reformation.  Click here for the lecture notesheet.

Tuesday, February 10

1. Lecture:  Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
2. Go over Thesis statements and Historical details

Wednesday, February 11

Study Day:  You will be using this period to work on the Unit 4 review guide.

Tonight, I will be in the chat room at 8:30 to help you STUUUUUUUDYYYYYY!

Thursday, February 12

Test: Unit 4

Friday, February 13

ESSAY TEST--in class COMP!

On Tuesday, we will be retaking the Unit 4 test, either by yourselves or with a partner.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Schedule February 2 - 6

Monday, February 2


Tuesday, February 3

Intro to COMP essay: Thesis.  Here is the sheet that explains the COMP Essay.

Wednesday, February 4

Intro to COMP essay: Historical Details plus body.  In groups you will be writing several sentences that demonstrate an understanding of Thesis writing.  Click here for that sheet.

Thursday, February 5

Quiz: Chapter 16

Friday, February 6

Lecture: Finish lecture on slavery.

Next week:

  • In Class COMP essay on Wednesday (part of unit test)
  • Unit Test Thursday
  • Unit Test Group retake on Friday

Monday, January 26, 2015

Schedule January 26 - 30

Monday, January 26

Activity:  New World Colonization. In small groups, you will be putting together a chart that highlights the characteristics of the Spanish, French and English experiences in colonizing the New World.

You can find the information in your textbook.  And, Chapter 20 from the regular history book.

Tuesday, January 27

Chapter 15 Reading Quiz.  This quiz is a little longer than the previous quizzes.  It is 30 questions over Chapter 15.  You can use your reading notes.

Tonight, start reading Chapter 16.  Your Chapter 16 reading quiz will be next Tuesday, February 3rd.

Wednesday, January 28

Empire Building: Russia and the Ottoman Empire

Thursday, January 29

Introduction to the Compare and Contrast Essay

Friday, January 30

First COMP Essay:  Empire Builders

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Semester, New Things!

Welcome to Semester 2.  We are going to continue with Unit 4.  However, we will need to start learning the 3 different essays that we will be doing this semester.  So, keeping up with your reading is more important than ever.

This week:  READ CHAPTER 15!  Your quiz over Chapter 15 will be next Tuesday, January 27!

Wednesday, January 21

Go over the most missed on the Final Exam. Discuss new semester.

Thursday, January 22

Lecture: Spanish colonization of the New World.  You will have a note sheet for this lecture.

Read "The Economies of Exploitation" and answer the questions on the note sheet.

Friday, January 23

Meet in the THEATER for the Sophomore Renaissance Art Forum!

Make sure you are reading Chapter 15!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Studying for the Final Exam

This is a final, which differs from a Unit exam in scope and detail.  But here are some things to keep in mind:

1.  The College Board likes "big picture" analysis: causes and effect; general characteristics.  For example:

  • Characteristics of eras (regions, trade networks, etc)
  • Characteristics of culture 
  • Causes and effects of movements of people, fall of empires, spread of disease, war, trade, migration, etc

2.  Comparisons are huge.  Instead of knowing the details, you must be able to compare generalities between civilizations and time periods.  For example:

  • Differences and similarities between the religions
  • Differences and similarities between periods of time
  • Differences and similarities between empires
  • Differences and similarities between modes of economics, government and gender roles

Keep in mind the time periods that we have talked about this semester:

We called these time periods "Foundations," "Classical," "Post-Classical" and are currently in the "Early Modern Period."

Also, there are THEMES the College Board emphasizes:

Finally, go through your unit overviews.  These have the KEY CONCEPTS listed. 

The questions on the final exam (and on the AP test in May) tend to fall into these categories.

Most of the questions deal with some type of comparison.  

Hope this helps. You need to get out of the mindset of memorizing tiny details.  

 Good luck!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review for the Final

Well, it's that time of the year to get ready for finals.  Your final is 70 questions, taken from the material you did from the summer to what we have done so far with Chapter 14.

1. Fill out the Final Exam Review.  This is a basic overview of the major topics from the semester.

2. Read the Princeton Review, Chapter 6, 7, 8.  Chapter 8 of the Princeton Review is called "Old Stuff: Approximately 1450 to Around 1750." This chapter has some things we have not yet talked about, but that is okay.  We are continuing Unit 4 next semester and will have a test just on Unit for in about 3 weeks.

3. Check out the John Green Crash Course World History Videos.  These are awesome review, of not just the old, but the new stuff too.  I added some for Unit 4.

Happy Studies!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Schedule--End of Semester

Monday, January 5

Lecture:  The Muslim Empires.  You will have a notesheet for this lecture.

Tuesday, January 6

Finish lecture.  Take quiz over the Muslim Empires, using your notesheet.

Wednesday, January 7

Renaissance Forum:  Meet down in the theater for a forum on Renaissance ideas and art.

Thursday, January 8

Lecture:  The Age of Exploration

Friday, January 9

Quiz:  Chapters 13 and 14

Monday, January 12

Lecture:  The Columbian Exchange

Tuesday, January 13

Review for Final Exam

Wednesday, January 14