Below you will find links to the chapters of our textbook. This resource is only for EG students and you will need a password. Once you enter the password, you will be able to view the files.

You can also find quizzes and other resources at the Ways of the World site.

Chapter 1: First Peoples (Plus Unit Overview) p. 2-47
Chapter 2: First Farmers p. 48-83
Chapter 3: First Civilizations p. 84-131
Chapter 4: Eurasian Empires (Plus Unit Overview) p. 132-187
Chapter 5: Eurasian Cultural Traditions p. 188-235
Chapter 6: Eurasian Social Hierarchies p. 236-279
Chapter 7: Classical Era Variations p. 280-323
Chapter 8: Commerce and Culture (Plus Unit Overview) p. 324-377
Chapter 9: China and the World: East Asian Connections p. 278-423
Chapter 10: The Worlds of European Christendom p. 424-471
Chapter 11: The Worlds of Islam p. 472-519
Chapter 12: Pastoral People on the Global Stage p. 520-567
Chapter 13: The Worlds of the Fifteen Century p. 568-617
Chapter 14: Empires and Encounters (Plus Unit Overview) p. 618-671
Chapter 15: Global Commerce p. 672-719
Chapter 16: Religion and Science p. 720-769
Chapter 17: Atlantic Revolutions and Their Echoes (Plus Unit Overview) p. 770-823
Chapter 18: Revolutions of Industrialization p. 824-875
Chapter 19: Internal Troubles, External Threats p. 876-921
Chapter 20: Colonial Encounters p. 922-967
Chapter 21: The Collapse and Recover of Europe (Plus Unit Overview) p. 968-1027
Chapter 22: The Rise and Fall of World Communism p. 1028-1079
Chapter 23: Independence and Development in the Global South p. 1080-1131
Chapter 24: Accelerating Global Interaction p. 1132-1187

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