Monday, September 28, 2015

Schedule September 29 - October 3

****Important Dates Coming Up*****

Monday, October 6:  John Green Quizzes are due by 11:59 pm
Wednesday, October 8: Reading Quiz for Chapter 6

Monday, September 29

1. Greek Games Update
2. Lecture: Roman Republic

Tuesday, September 30

Lecture: Roman Empire

Wednesday, October 1

1. Greek Games Content Challenge!
2. Lecture: Classical India and China

Thursday, October 2

Finish Lecture on India and China

Friday, October 3

Bring Princeton Review to class. We are going to start looking at religions!

City-State Photos!

Here are the city-state photos for 2015-16!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Where to learn about your city-states?

Tomorrow, is the city state challenge.  You will be asked 12 questions about your city-state. Here are some things you should know:

  • Where the city-state was located
  • Famous people from the city-state
  • Government
  • Modern version of the city
  • Gods and myths associated with the city-state
  • important events in the city-state

You can easily do a google search.  That's what I did to get the questions. Also, be sure to check out the Ancient History Encyclopedia. (hint, hint)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thursday's City-State Challenge

On Thursday, you will be taking a "City-State Challenge!" First, you will get into your city-states to answer questions about your city-states.  Athens and Sparta have the advantage here...but don't worry, the gods will provide.

Also, we will be taking City-State pictures.  Every city-state will have their picture taken in front of a green screen. You need to find an appropriate picture or photograph for the background for your city-state official photo!  The gods of Olympus will judge the best finished photograph, so find a great picture and make a great "official" city-state photograph! Be creative. Add text if you want!

We are taking the picture on Thursday. You need to email me the background by Friday.

May the best City-State win!

Here is an example:

Schedule September 21 - 25

The John Green quizzes are ready.  There are 8 videos in this unit---which means, there are 8 quizzes. They are due on Sunday October 4

Monday, September 21

Lecture: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World

Tuesday, September 22  MEET IN THE THEATER

Forum: Art of the Greco-Roman Worlds

Wednesday, September 23  NO SCHOOL

Thursday, September 23

1. City-State Challenge
2. Sprite Charts: Persia and Greece

Friday, September 24

1. Specific Definitions--What the $@%# are they?
2. Lecture: Rome: From Republic to Empire

Start reading Chapter 6 in Ways of the World.    Your quiz will be next Friday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Greek Games have Begun!

Dionysus opened up this year's Greek Games!

The goal is to win as many medals as you can. In the process, you may be forced to spin the "Myth Wheel" or the "Curse Wheel."


Ambrosia: Everyone in your city-state who is present, gets a gold medal.
Curses! make any city-state spin the curse wheel!
Furies of Vengeance: Make two city-states draw straws. The loser gives you a silver medal.
Apollo's Bow: Win 2 silver medals.
Dionysus Seal of Approval: Win a power card!
Hermes Speed Boost: In the next timed challenge, your city-state gets a 1 minute head start.
Harmonia's Blessing: Join forces on the next challenge with the city-state of your choice and win equally.
Nike's Wings: On the next challenge, get help from Dionysus.
Talos' Protection: Win a bronze.
The Plight of Persephone: Steal anyone away from their city-state for the next challenge.
Ostracision! Banish any city-state from the next challenge.
Hyperion's Cows: Win 2 gold medals.
Alchemist Blessing: All bronze medals turn to silver!
Audience with Zeus: Ask for anything and it will be granted (within reason)--but don't ask for too much for fear of making him angry!
Helmet of Invisibility: During next challenge, send spies out to the other city-states.


Siren's Curse: Please Dionysus with a song and dance number.
Artemis Curse: No one int he city-state can speak for 1 period or lose a bronze for each violation.
Curse of Hermes: Lose 1 of each medal.
Arachne's Curse: Every time you hear the word "spider" you must scream or lose a bronze each time.
Curse of Hades: Cannot win medals in the next challenge; but will be cursed again if you do not try your best.
Curse of Sisyphus: You need to stand the entire period.
Tribute: Pay tribute to your arch rival by giving them a gold medal.
Alchemist Curse: All of your silvers turn to bronze.
Curse of Eris: Discord strikes! Next challenge, members of your city-state have to work individually not as a group.
Curse of Lethe: For the next challenge, you will not receive instructions. You will leave the room and enter when everyone else has started. You need to figure it out on your own.
Arrow to your Achilles' Heel: Lose a silver medal.
Curse of Tartarus: Swap all of your medals with the city-state with the least points.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Schedule September 8 - 11

Tuesday, September 8

1. Give quiz scores. Discuss correction opportunities
2. River valley Civilization Packet.  For this activity, you will need your iPad. Download the River Valley Civilization.note .  You will need to open this in Notability and cut and drag the items into the correct locations

Wednesday, September 9

1. Quiz: AP Regions.  This will be done on paper and will count.
2. Finish the River Valley Civilization Notability packet

Thursday, September 10

1. Set up Study Chat
2. Complete group review chart for river valley civilizations. Click here to access the document.

Tonight, at 8:30, I will be online in the Chat room to help study for the exam.  I will be asking questions based on the test and you can ask me questions, too!  Be there or be square!

Friday, September 11

Unit 1 Foundations Test!

The next unit is the Classical Age.  You will need to read Chapter 7 in the Princeton Review, which starts on page 183.  On Friday, you will be given a study sheet for that part of the Princeton Review.

Also, next week, you will start reading Chapter 4 in Ways of the World.

Plus, you will have several weeks to complete the John Green Crash Course Quizzes for Unit 2.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Updated Schedule for August 31 - September 4

Monday, August 31

Meet down in the THEATER for the Origin of Art Forum.

Tuesday, September 1

1. Lecture:  From Paleolithic to Neolithic
2. Read, A Short History of the Private Life  Make a Top 10 list of Characteristics of the Neolithic Age

Wednesday, September 2

1. Lecture: Intro to River Civilizations
2. River Valley Civilizations.  In groups, you will be examining a single river valley civilization and sharing with the class the important facts about that civilization. For this activity, you will be using the AP World History + Art website.

Thursday, September 3

Continue examining River Valley Civilizations. You will be using Google Docs to record your information on a class-chart

Friday, September 4

Reading Quiz over the Princeton Review and Ways of the World, Chapter 3.  This quiz will be about 30 questions or so, multiple choice.  If you took notes on the readings, you may use them on the quiz. However, they must be original, handwritten notes. Nothing on the iPad will be allowed.

John Green Crash Course Quizzes are due by Monday night, 11:59 pm.  No excuses!