Monday, December 15, 2014

Schedule December 15-19

Monday, December 15

Lecture: Ming China.  Here is the powerpoint sheet.

This week, you will need to

1.  Take the Schoology Quiz for Chapter 13
2.  Read Ch. 13 and take notes.

Tuesday, December 16

Document Analysis: Zheng He.  You will be reading documents relating to the explorer and analyzing them.  The packet will be due on Friday.

Wednesday, December 17

Continue document analysis. Due Friday.

Thursday, December 18

Reading Quiz: Chapter 13

Start reading Chapter 14.  The quiz over Chapter 14 will be on Friday, January 9

Friday, December 19

Go over the 10 most missed on Unit 3 exam.  Announce the Greek Game Winners!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review Material for Unit 3 Test

Your Unit 3 Test is on Tuesday. As you get ready for the Unit 3 test, use the following review materials to prepare.

1. Read the Princeton Review. The Chapter you want to read is "Really Old Stuff: Around 600 C.E. to Around 1450"
2. This Post-Classical Review
3. Remember the mid-point review powerpoint.  Here's the one with the Mongols and MesoAmerica included.
2. What the videos in the John Green Crash Course World History videos for Unit 3.
3. Go over the Unit 3 Overview.  Make sure you know the terms and can answer the essential questions.
4. Join the Chat on Monday night, starting at 8:30
5.  Review your notes from the text and any powerpoint lectures that you may have. Link the details to the essential questions
6. Finally, get a good night's sleep. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Schedule November 24-25

Monday, November 24

Today, we will be going over the Review Powerpoint in order to prepare for tomorrow's test.  Here are the two things you need to prepare for the test:

Review Powerpoint (You may want to print this out before class)
Unit 3 Overview

Tonight, I will be online if you would like to study some.  8:30 or so.

Tuesday, November 25

Test: Unit 3 Mid Point (Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

You will need to read and take notes over Chapter 12 over break.  Your quiz over chapter 12 will be on Tuesday, December 2.

Have a great THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Schedule November 17-21

Monday, November 17

1.  Quiz over Chapter 9
2.  Finish your map packet.

This Friday, you will be having a mid-point Unit 3 exam.  We have covered a lot of information, so we need to check progress.  The exam will be 55 questions---55 points (so, about half as much as a unit exam).

To prepare for this exam, you will have to take THREE quizzes in Schoology.  You cannot advance to the next quiz, until you have achieved a certain score.  These will need to be done by FRIDAY morning.  Anything not completed by then will be counted as a zero.

Also, we will be having a reading quiz when we come back from break on that Tuesday over chapter 12.  So you may want to start reading Chapter 12 before Thanksgiving so that you do not have to spend your time on World History.

Tuesday, November 18

1. Quiz over the Trade Route maps
2. Lecture: Trade in the Post-Classical Age

Wednesday, November 19

Lecture: African Trading Kingdoms

Thursday, November 20

Lecture:   Post-Classical China and South East Asia

Tonight, I will be online in the chat room for anyone who wants help studying.

Friday, November 21

Mid-Point Exam!

Start reading Chapter 12!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Post-Classical Trade Activity

For this activity, you are going to need to research the major trade routes of the Post-Classical Age.  Below, for each of the regions, you will find links to help you put together a picture of the routes. Also, use Chapter 8 in your text. Break up the work among members of your city-state. Click here for a copy of the activity.

Silk Roads

A Brief History of the Silk Roads
Travel China: The Silk Roads

Maps of the Silk Roads:

Silk Road and Related Trade Routes
Silk Road Map
Map of the Main Silk Road

Indian Ocean Trade

Indian Ocean Trade: Overview, 300-1450 C.E.
John Green's Crash Course World History: Indian Ocean Trade

Maps for Indian Ocean Trade

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center:  Click on "maps" and "medieval" to get an interactive map of indian ocean trade. Note: This is a flash site and you need to use the Puffin browser to view on the iPad.
Trade Routes of the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean Trade Routes

Trans-Saharan Trade

Trading Gold for Salt
Trade Routes Across the Sahara
The Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade
Trading Kingdoms of West Africa

Maps for Trans-Saharan Trade

Map of Trans-Saharan Trade
Timbuktu: Center of Trade

Schedule November 10 - 14

Monday, November 10

1. Reading Quiz--Chapter 8
2. Finish Abbasid Chart in city-states

Read and take notes on Chapter 9.  The reading quiz is on Friday.

Tuesday, November 11

Lecture/Activity:  Post-Classical Trade Routes

Wednesday, November 12

Continue Post-Classical Trade Route Activity

Thursday, November 13

Lecture:  African Kingdoms in the Post-Classical Age

Friday, November 14

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 9

Start reading Chapter 12.  The reading quiz is next Thursday.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Plans for Friday, November 7

Today, we are going to finish up the video Islam: Empire of Faith (Episode 2: Awakenings). There is a sheet that goes with the video, which you can access here.

After the video, you are going to put together the BEST EVER sprite chart for the Abbasid Empire.  Use information from the video and your texts.  Also, look things up.

You will all have access to the document on Google.  Make changes together.  Edit together. Cooperate.  this will be due at the end of the period.

Click here for the document.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Schedule November 3-7

Monday, November 3

Quiz over Chapter 11

Finish reading chapter 8.  Quiz over Chapter 8 on Friday!

Tuesday, November 4

Work on Islamic Empires Chart.  City-State quiz tomorrow over the chart.

Wednesday, November 5

Finish Islamic Empire Chart. Take city-state quiz over the Chart

Thursday, November 6

Lecture and Video: Culture of the Islamic Empire--Crusades

Friday, November 7

Reading quiz over Chapter 8.  Start reading Chapter 9.  Reading quiz next Friday.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Crusades Activity

Today, we will be getting into city-states and completing a Crusades Activity.  You will need to have your archon log into Socrative with the name of your city-state.

You will be completing an activity, using the following website for the source of information.

Be sure to read through the whole website, including the section entitled "webquest."  This is a city-state competition.

Then, we will be watching something on the Crusades.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Schedule October 28-31

Tuesday, October 28

Lecture:  The Rise of Islam  Here is the notesheet.

You need to be reading Chapter 11 in your textbook.  Take notes.  Your reading quiz is on Thursday!

Wednesday, October 29

Lecture:  The Rise of Nations in Europe.  Here is the Notesheet.

Thursday, October 30

Crusades Activity

Friday, October 31

Itemizing the Islamic Empires Activity

Your Quiz over Chapter 11 is on Monday.  Then, you will have a quiz over Chapter 8 on Friday of next week too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Schedule October 20-24

Monday, October 10

Unit 2 Test Retakes

Be sure to be reading the Crash Course book, Chapters 7, 8 and 9.  On online quiz will be available.  You will need to take that quiz by Friday.

Tuesday, October 11

Go over the test.

Wednesday, October 12

Unit 3 Overview

Thursday, October 13

Lecture:  The Byzantine Empire.  Click here for .pdf notes.

The online quiz is up for Chapters 7, 8 and 9 in the AP World History Crash Course book.  You have two chances to take it.  45 questions; all matching.  The quiz expires Sunday night at 8 pm.

Friday, October 13

Lecture: Feudalism in Europe  Click here for the .pdf notes.

Start reading and takimg notes over Chapter 11.  The test over this is on Thursday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Schedule October 14-17

Tuesday, October 14

Lewis University Field Trip

Wednesday, October 15

Lecture:  The Fall of Rome and the Rise of Christianity

Thursday, October 16

Comparison:  Fall of Rome v. The Fall of Han

Tonight, at 8:30, join me for a APWH study session.  be there are be square!

Friday, October 17

Unit 2 Test!

Starting this weekend, you need to read the CRASH COURSE book.  You need to read chapters 7, 8 and 9 by Friday of next week.  You will take an online quiz over the topics in that reading. This will provide a basis for the textbook, which we will start reading next Friday.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unit 2 Review Materials

Here are some review materials for your test on Friday.

UNIT 2 KEY CONCEPT Review.  This documents provides an outline of the key concepts used by the collge board for the Classical Period.

UNIT 2 KEY CONCEPT FOCUS QUESTIONS.  This is an overview of the key concepts provided by the College Board, with the focus questions from your book.

UNIT 2 REVIEW GUIDE.  Here is another graphic review guide for the key concepts of this unit.

Unit 2 Crash Course World History Videos

John Green has a great series called Crash Course World History.  I have placed a "videos" tab up at the top of the page.  Below is the playlist for Unit 2.  You can click on the upper left for a list of videos. They are all good!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Unit 2 Test Study Materials

The Unit 2 Test will be next week: Friday, October 17

Here are some resources:

Unit 2 Study Guide

The Crash Course World History is a good resource to review for the test.  The Princeton Review is also good.  Here are the three chapters from the Crash Course World History text that can be used to answer much of the questions int he study guide.

Chapter 4: Religious and Cultural Developments
Chapter 5: Development of States and Empires
Chapter 6: Devlopment of Communication Trade Networks

Monday, October 6, 2014

Schedule October 6 - 10

Monday, October 6

Lecture:  Ancient Origins of Hinduism.  Here is a .pdf file of the presentation.

Tuesday, October 7

Meet in theater for presentation of Classical Art

Wednesday, October 8

1. Brief quiz over religions of the Classical Age
2. Lecture:  Ancient India and the Spread of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Here is the PowerPoint Lecture.

Start studying vocabulary of Unit 1 and 2.  You will need to complete an online quiz by Wednesday. You will have 5 times to take it.  Next week, will be the real thing.

Thursday, October 9

Lecture:  The Rise of the Han

Friday, October 10

Lecture:  The Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity

On Tuesday, we will not be in class, but on a field trip to Lewis University.  Unit Test Next Friday.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Schedule September 29 - October 3

Monday, September 29

Lecture:  Intro to the Roman Republic.  Click here for the powerpoint notes.  During the lectures on Rome, you will be doing G:Sprite Charts for the Roman Republic and Roman Empires.  You will be having a quiz over this next week.

Tuesday, September 30

Today, you will be meeting with your counselors.

Aleman- Dean's Conference Room
DeCook- College and Career Center
Deutsch- Theater
Foecking- 104A
Gordon- Forum
Mroz- Foyer Conference Room
Ohler- Student Services Conference Room
Sanchez- room 252

Wednesday, October 1

Lecture:  From Republic to Empire.  Click here for the powerpoint notes.

Thursday, October 2

Lecture:  The Roman Empire

Friday, October 3

Reading Quiz: Chapter 6

For the weekend, you will need to read a couple of things:

1. PowerPoint Notes for Judaism and Buddhism.
2. Chapter 4 of Crash Course World History

Hint: You may just have a brief quiz over this on Monday ;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Schedule September 22 - 26

Monday, September 22

Chapter 5 Reading Quiz!

You know the routine.  You need to read chapter 6.  This quiz will be next Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 23

1.  You will have 15 minutes to finish the G:Sprites from last week
2.  City-State Challenge.  Each city-state will write 4 questions based on the documents, G:Sprites and the readings.  City-states will challenge their rival.  The winner will then go on to the next round until there is only one champion!  Medals will be awarded!

Wednesday, September 24

1. Go over the documents
2.  Lecture: Introduction to Ancient Rome

Thursday, September 25   ראש השנה

No School!  Happy New Year!  Happy Year 5775!

Friday, September 26

Lecture:  The Ides of March: Rome becomes and Empire!

Have a great homecoming!  Don't forget to keep doing your reading.  We will be done with the chapters this Wednesday and then we will be working on Vocabulary!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Schedule Change

We are going to finish up the documents and G:Sprite charts tomorrow and have the reading quiz on Monday.  How's that?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Schedule September 15 - 19

Last week, you had your first reading quiz.  Here's what we do with reading quizzes:  If you want to better your grade, you can go down to the ARC.  The quizzes will be in a file.  Take your scantron and your quiz sheet and for each question that you got wrong write a separate sheet of paper:

1.  The page in the book where the answer is located.  
2.  Write the sentence or sentences from the book that support the answer.

Do this for every one you got wrong and you will get 1/2 point back.

Monday, September 15

1.  Note-taking
2.  Discuss Greek World v. Persian World

You should be reading Chapter 5.  You will have a quiz over Chapter 5 on Friday.  You may use reading notes on this quiz.

Tuesday, September 16

Lecture:  The Wars of Ancient Greece.  Here are the PowerPoint notes.

Wednesday, September 17

Lecture:  Alexander the Great  Here are the powerpoint notes.

Thursday, September 18

Comparison activity:  Hellenic v Hellenistic

Friday, September 19

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 5

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Plans for Friday, September 12

Today, you will be working on comparisons in the Greek world.  In your City-States, complete the charts on The Ancient Greek World.

For this assignment, you will need to use your textbook, chapters 4 and 6.  Plus, the following chapters from the regular textbook, Patterns and Interactions may be helpful.  Be prepared to test your knowledge on this subject on Monday!

Ways of the World:  Chapter 4  and Chapter 6 (pages 255-259)
Patterns and Interations:  Chapter 5 (Athens and Sparta, p. 128-131) and Chapter 4 (Persia, p. 99-103)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Schedule September 8-12

Monday, September 8

1.  Take a G:Sprite Quiz over the Persian Empire
2.  Lecture: Persia

Tuesday, September 9

Let the GAMES BEGIN!  Intro to the Greek Games and Greek culture.

Wednesday, September 10

 Lecture:  Homer's World:  Ancient Greece Intro

Thursday, September 11

Reading quiz over Chapter 4

You will need to start reading Chapter 5.  It is 48 pages.  Reading Quiz on Thursday, September 18. That's about 8 pages a night.  Take notes!

Friday, September 12

Greek City States:  Documents and Evidence

Continue your reading.  If you finish chapter 5, no harm in moving on to chapter 6!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Schedule September 2 - 5

Tuesday, September 2

TEST:  Foundations!

You need to start reading the textbook and taking notes. We are starting with Chapter 4, "Eurasian Empires."  We will be having a reading quiz in class next Monday.  You will be able to use your notes on the reading quiz.  This reading is 55 pages long---so you will need to pace yourselves---about 7-8 pages a night if you are to do a little each night.

Wednesday, September 3

Go over the test.  If time, discuss reading and Unit 2 overview.

Thursday, September 4

Taking notes:  The how and why

Friday, September 5

Revenge of the Sprites:   Today we will be examining the beloved SPRITE Charts.  You will complete as a class (and for a class grade) a Sprite for the Persian civilization in Chapter 4

Don't forget---you have a reading quiz on Wednesday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Study Discussion Tonight!

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day.  Don't forget, we have a study session tonight in the Chat Room.  The entire chatroom has been reset, so your old logins will not work.  Instead, your new login is your "first name.last name" and your id number is your password.  Here is the list of your names as it appears in the system.  Remember, these log-in names are all lower case:

Try to log-on sometime today to see if it works.  If not, email me and I will fix it.

See you tonight!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Schedule August 25-29

**Click HERE for a "Foundations" Study Overview**

Monday, August 25                                                                                                  

1.  ACT-style quiz over At Home reading
2.  Lecture:  Intro to the Neolithic Age
3.  Complete Chart comparing Paleolithic and Neolithic eras

Homework:  You will be having TWO things to do by Thursday:
  1. Complete summer reading vocabulary quiz in Schoology.  There are flashcards on Quizlet to help you. You can take the quiz up to 5 times and I will take the highest score.
  2. You need to go over to AP World History Plus Art and read through the chapters in the Foundations section.  This will give you a good overview of the unit plus introduce you to some art that might appear on the AP test.  You can do one of two things:
                a. Complete the webquest on paper (you'll need to print it out)  OR
                b. Take notes on paper

(Hint: On that website there is a practice vocabulary quiz and a content quiz.  It'll be a good idea to go through those quizzes to see how you do (nudge, nudge, hint, hint)

You will have a short reading quiz over this on Thursday in class.  You will be able to use your notes or the webquest on the quiz.

Tuesday, August 26                                                                                                 

1.  Set up Google Drive and Chrome on iPad
2. Lecture:  Mesopotamia and Egypt.  Over these next two days, you will need to take notes on the civilizations.  On  Thursday, we will put it all together and complete some comparison charts.

Click here for a .pdf of the powerpoint lecture.

Wednesday, August 27                                                                                            

Lecture:  India and China.  Take notes.

Thursday, August 28                                                                                              

Wrap up lectures.  Complete activity to pull examples from these civilizations for the characteristics of civilizations

Friday, August 29                                                                                                   

1.  Reading quiz over the "Foundations" sections of AP World History Plus Art.  This quiz will be done in class and on paper.
2. Review for Foundations test by examining "change over time" with these civilizations.

Monday, September 1                                                                                                  

NO SCHOOL!   But.....

Tonight, I will be in the Chat room starting at about 8:30 if anyone wants to join in the study session.  I will go over questions, concepts and give some hints and clues. 

To log onto the chat, you will need to enter your name in the following format:  "first.last"  Your password is your ID number.  

Tuesday, September 2                                                                                                  

Test over Foundations.

You need to start reading the textbook. We are starting with Chapter 4, "Eurasian Empires."  You need to take notes on the reading, as we will be having a reading quiz in class next Monday.  You will be able to use your notes on the reading quiz.  This reading is 55 pages long---so you will need to pace yourselves---about 7-8 pages a night if you are to do a little each night.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Discussion Question for Art.....

We have talked today about the origin or art.  Yesterday we discussed allusions.  The author of What is Art? states that:
Many philosophers have argued that art serves no function,
that it exists for its own sake. Some have asserted that
the essence of art transcends the human occupation with
usefulness. Others have held that in trying to analyze art too
closely, one loses sight of its beauty and wonderment.

Think about that quote and this question:

What is the purpose of art and what does art do for the study of history?

In the comment section of his post, respond to that question.  In your response, be sure to use examples from lecture and readings.  Your response should be several sentences and contain at least one example from what we have discussed in class and/or from readings.

You have until Monday (12 noon)  to respond.

Click on the link below by my name to comment. Or, click on the title of this post to open in a new window.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Schedule, August 20-22

Wednesday, August 20

Welcome back!  Today, we will be discussing the course and taking care of essential business.

1.  Seating Chart
2.  Discuss APWH; Go over Course Objective and Syllabus and Unit 1 & 2 Overview
3.  Complete Student information sheet

Homework:  Read the article What is Art?  There are discussion questions.  You do not need to answer those questions, but will be required to participate in a discussion on Friday.

Tomorrow, you will have a quiz over the regions map from the summer reading packet.  Remember these maps?  Know them for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21

1.  Quiz over the Regions map
2.  Lecture:  The Impact of Art and History on Pop Culture.  This activity will examine the importance of knowing history and art to understand the modern world around us.  Here is an activity sheet for the day.

Friday, August 22

1. Discussion:  What is Art?
2. Lecture: Paleolithic Art

Read, "At Home" by Bill Bryson.  I will give you a physical copy of this reading.  You will have a short ACT-Style quiz over this reading on Monday. You will be able to use the physical copy of the reading for the quiz.

Next Friday: TEST over the the summer Foundations packet plus a Vocabulary quiz!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year!

Welcome to the website for Mr. Janu's AP World History Class.  This website will be the epicenter for the class.  All assignments will be posted here as well as a weekly schedule.  In addition, links to the textbook are also available as well as on-line study aids and a chat room we will use to help study for exams.

I look forward to meeting you!