Sunday, November 23, 2014

Schedule November 24-25

Monday, November 24

Today, we will be going over the Review Powerpoint in order to prepare for tomorrow's test.  Here are the two things you need to prepare for the test:

Review Powerpoint (You may want to print this out before class)
Unit 3 Overview

Tonight, I will be online if you would like to study some.  8:30 or so.

Tuesday, November 25

Test: Unit 3 Mid Point (Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

You will need to read and take notes over Chapter 12 over break.  Your quiz over chapter 12 will be on Tuesday, December 2.

Have a great THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Schedule November 17-21

Monday, November 17

1.  Quiz over Chapter 9
2.  Finish your map packet.

This Friday, you will be having a mid-point Unit 3 exam.  We have covered a lot of information, so we need to check progress.  The exam will be 55 questions---55 points (so, about half as much as a unit exam).

To prepare for this exam, you will have to take THREE quizzes in Schoology.  You cannot advance to the next quiz, until you have achieved a certain score.  These will need to be done by FRIDAY morning.  Anything not completed by then will be counted as a zero.

Also, we will be having a reading quiz when we come back from break on that Tuesday over chapter 12.  So you may want to start reading Chapter 12 before Thanksgiving so that you do not have to spend your time on World History.

Tuesday, November 18

1. Quiz over the Trade Route maps
2. Lecture: Trade in the Post-Classical Age

Wednesday, November 19

Lecture: African Trading Kingdoms

Thursday, November 20

Lecture:   Post-Classical China and South East Asia

Tonight, I will be online in the chat room for anyone who wants help studying.

Friday, November 21

Mid-Point Exam!

Start reading Chapter 12!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Post-Classical Trade Activity

For this activity, you are going to need to research the major trade routes of the Post-Classical Age.  Below, for each of the regions, you will find links to help you put together a picture of the routes. Also, use Chapter 8 in your text. Break up the work among members of your city-state. Click here for a copy of the activity.

Silk Roads

A Brief History of the Silk Roads
Travel China: The Silk Roads

Maps of the Silk Roads:

Silk Road and Related Trade Routes
Silk Road Map
Map of the Main Silk Road

Indian Ocean Trade

Indian Ocean Trade: Overview, 300-1450 C.E.
John Green's Crash Course World History: Indian Ocean Trade

Maps for Indian Ocean Trade

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center:  Click on "maps" and "medieval" to get an interactive map of indian ocean trade. Note: This is a flash site and you need to use the Puffin browser to view on the iPad.
Trade Routes of the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean Trade Routes

Trans-Saharan Trade

Trading Gold for Salt
Trade Routes Across the Sahara
The Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade
Trading Kingdoms of West Africa

Maps for Trans-Saharan Trade

Map of Trans-Saharan Trade
Timbuktu: Center of Trade

Schedule November 10 - 14

Monday, November 10

1. Reading Quiz--Chapter 8
2. Finish Abbasid Chart in city-states

Read and take notes on Chapter 9.  The reading quiz is on Friday.

Tuesday, November 11

Lecture/Activity:  Post-Classical Trade Routes

Wednesday, November 12

Continue Post-Classical Trade Route Activity

Thursday, November 13

Lecture:  African Kingdoms in the Post-Classical Age

Friday, November 14

Reading Quiz:  Chapter 9

Start reading Chapter 12.  The reading quiz is next Thursday.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Plans for Friday, November 7

Today, we are going to finish up the video Islam: Empire of Faith (Episode 2: Awakenings). There is a sheet that goes with the video, which you can access here.

After the video, you are going to put together the BEST EVER sprite chart for the Abbasid Empire.  Use information from the video and your texts.  Also, look things up.

You will all have access to the document on Google.  Make changes together.  Edit together. Cooperate.  this will be due at the end of the period.

Click here for the document.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Schedule November 3-7

Monday, November 3

Quiz over Chapter 11

Finish reading chapter 8.  Quiz over Chapter 8 on Friday!

Tuesday, November 4

Work on Islamic Empires Chart.  City-State quiz tomorrow over the chart.

Wednesday, November 5

Finish Islamic Empire Chart. Take city-state quiz over the Chart

Thursday, November 6

Lecture and Video: Culture of the Islamic Empire--Crusades

Friday, November 7

Reading quiz over Chapter 8.  Start reading Chapter 9.  Reading quiz next Friday.