Thursday, August 18, 2016

Schedule August 22-26

Monday, August 22

Welcome Back!

1. Intro to the class. Seating Chart.
2. How to take notes.
3. Student information sheet

If you haven't started yet, you will need to start reading the Princeton Review Chapter 6. You will need to complete the Princeton Review Study Guide. There will be a test on Friday. If you complete the study guide, you can use it in the test.

Tuesday, August 23

Lecture: Art, History and Pop Culture. There is a sheet for this lecture.

Wednesday, August 24

Sophomore Art Forum:  Meet in the Theatre! Here is a preview for the forum.

Thursday, August 25

Lecture: Intro to the Neolithic Revolution. There is a sheet that goes with this.

Friday, August 26

1. Test: Princeton Review
2. Introduction to the Checklist System. You will be completing a weekly checklist in Schoology. This checklist is due next Friday, September 2. It will be for a completion grade. If you do not have it done by the time it is due, you will not get the points. But, you still need to complete it in order to take the quiz. The quizzes will not be curved; the completion grade will act as a curve.

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